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4 Reasons I Feel Energized!

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

I feel great. Working on something new has added some pep in my step. I look forward to writing and working on this blog. I find myself thinking about updates that I can make each day. How do I connect with readers? What should I share? What do I want to share?

I also completed my first project on Upwork. There are some pretty typical projects on Upwork, but there are also some interesting jobs (not inappropriate, just things I haven't expected, like testing apps or speaking with a psychic).

Reason number two. We purchased a ski pass for the winter season (it's only good for Ohio and doesn't compare to the slopes out west, but still!). We haven't snow skied as a family in 5 or 6 years, and our son wanted to ski this winter. I hope that if he gets comfortable this year, he will join the ski club at school next year. I am looking forward to getting out and doing something a little different this winter.

Third, I am totally out of shape and need to lose weight. Why does that make me feel energized??? I started working out again. I don't want to hit the slopes without working out first. I tend to fall off the wagon and quit working out, but I always feel great after working out. Why do I repeatedly stop?

Finally, my boss talked to me about some job openings and encouraged me to take a look at them. He is a great guy and keeps me in mind for job openings when he sees them. Not sure if they are the right fit, but they are worth checking out.

Days like this are an excellent reminder to be thankful. So why do you feel grateful?

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