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Animal Videos (are the way to go)

I have started using Canva to grow my Instagram account and reels. I really like to use their editing and picture enhancements. I have had large Instagram accounts reach out to me to market my page. I have avoided this for a long time, but I bit the bullet yesterday and did it. I am getting a lot of traction on my photos and page. My followers have gone from 194 to 1,227 (as I type this). I need to give it a day or two to decide if it was worth it. I only spent $28. I figured that wasn’t a terrible investment to see if promoting my page was worth spending any money. I know that I need to post more regularly and post more reels. The next day, I saw that most of those new subscribers don’t drive as much activity as I expected, so I still need to continue growing organically (which is preferred anyway).

After my little experiment on the pet reel (see my previous post), I also posted it on YouTube under my She Loves Home Account. That single video already has 300 views (at this time). That is more than all of my travel videos this past year combined and in only five days! So apparently, there is something to posting cute pets. That isn’t a massive stretch since I love animals, but I’m not sure that is what I want to do. If I focus on animals, that will still be one aspect. However, I still plan to focus on travel.

I then posted another guinea pig-only video in 24 hours, and it has 686 views. That is mind-boggling to me. So I guess I’ll continue to focus on animals too. I did the same thing on Instagram, and that reel also has over 3,000 views (all three pet reels each have over 3,000 views.)

This week’s experiments have shown me pets are popular. I told my family about my findings this morning, and they all said that wasn’t surprising. My son and I have spent years watching animal videos and laughing at animal memes. So apparently, we are our target market.

I am thrilled that I had some time off over the holidays. That gave me some time to update my accounts, focus on this site’s SEO, and do some video tests. I still have a long way to go, but this has been fun thus far.

If you were going to watch pet videos – what would you want to see?

Note: I do not have a paid sponsorship or business relationship with Canva or YouTube. I am simply sharing my experience as I begin to use the platforms.

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