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Finally, Spring is Here.

Winter is always hard for me. However, I do like the beauty of an occasional snowstorm and enjoy snow skiing. Otherwise, I look forward to warmer weather. I usually kept busy with other activities but didn't know what to write next. I also started a new job, which took some more time during the transition period.

Fast forward two months, and it is time to plant our garden. We just got back from a beautiful family vacation. It is spring, life is good, and I have more to share.

So, what have we been doing? First, my husband is finishing the basement so I can have a home office space. He has been working on it in between his job and training. Next, the walls need painting, and we purchased new floors. I can't wait to share the finished office space.

I made a few ski trips with my son. It was great practice for both of us. He got more comfortable after each trip. I am hoping that he joins the ski club next year.

We lost our Chihuahua on April 6. I still get choked up about it. She would have been 16 in July. Our Shi-Tzu is the same age. She is doing well, but I spent the first week fearing that she would do a nosedive after losing her beloved sidekick. They have been together since we got them both.

Last week we made a family trip to Florida. We met my parents and sisters' families there as well. In addition, my household made a day trip to Universal, and some of us did a horseback riding excursion. I plan to share more in some future posts.

What did you do this winter? Are you happy it is spring?

This post is in memory of Roxy, our beloved Chihuahua.

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