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It’s August Already!

Huntington Beach, Ohio

I can’t believe it is August already. Summer always flies by, and I feel that sentiment every August. We have a lot to celebrate every August. 2 birthdays, our anniversary, the new school year, and Labor Day to finish out the month.

Most of the month is already planned. A weekend road trip, doctor’s appointments before school starts, church pool party, hair cuts, Freshman orientation (OMG, how did that happen!?!)

Yet still, I am trying to find some other activities on the side.

Finished corner wall

I have never considered myself very creative, especially regarding decorating or art. However, I felt like our master bedroom walls were too plain and boring. I have seen a lot of wall designs that I like. My husband is great at getting ideas and watching YouTube videos to learn how to do them. I didn’t watch any videos, but I did get some ideas from Pinterest. He was traveling, so I decided to try something new and see how he liked it when he returned.

I painted a rose, white, and grey pattern on the corner of our bedroom wall. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. The lines are crisp. I don’t think my husband loves pink, but he was surprised at the outcome.

Corner wall in process

Next, I want to try making resin flower art. I love when I see flowers and beach resin art. My Mom and I have many flowers we can dry. So, I purchased some silica gel for drying flowers (not for the hydrangeas). Since it will take a week or so for the flowers to dry, it will take some time before I start and complete my first resin project. I am excited to test it, though.

Hydrangea blooms

Finally, I will give you an update on my garden. I have enjoyed peas, radishes, lettuce, kale, onions, and herbs. However, I think that I overcrowded my zucchini plants. I will have to do a better job with space for them next year.

I have cucumbers, tomatoes, and tomatillos growing. I am excited to see how they turn out. I am hoping that I have enough to make some sauces and salsas.

Live and learn, but it has been fun doing so!

Cucumber, cabbage, zucchini, nasturtium, dill

I hope you enjoy the end of summer and all of the exciting times that go along with August.

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