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Missing Ireland

Today I spent some time downloading pictures from Ireland into Canva. I plan to work on some videos and travel posts. Just looking through the photos makes me want to go back to Ireland. The people were so friendly. We were there in early spring before tourist season. It was a great time to go. There weren’t a lot of crowds. The locals told us that the summers are busy with tourists (at least in non-Covid years). We had a better experience because there weren’t too many people around.

The countryside and ocean views are just amazing. I have never seen as many sheep as I did there. They were so cute and looked quite different than the sheep I see in the Midwest and Northeastern US.

Sheep along the Dingle Peninsula

When you drive through Ireland, you can see remnants of their history everywhere you go. We would laugh as we drove around and say, “random ruins.” They were everywhere and part of the country’s landscape. We flew into Dublin and traveled southwest of Dublin. We were there for a week, but there is so much more of the country we still need to see. I wish I had unlimited time to travel. I also want it to be easier to travel. Covid has changed everything.

Bed and Breakfasts are the way to go there. They were so lovely, and hotels aren’t as prevalent. It was a great way to talk to people, though. The owners and staff were friendly and told us a lot about their towns. We had the best pancakes ever at one of the bed and breakfasts. I don’t remember which one now, but we have never been able to duplicate the recipe.

I asked my husband what he liked that I hadn’t already mentioned. He loved the Chinese restaurants. The food was delicious, and instead of the traditional rice in the US, the food came with a side of French Fries (aka chips). Other favorites included the coastline, the Dingle peninsula, and County Cork.

He also loved driving on the other side of the road and said every single second was a mental test. I went about 100 yards, and that was enough for me. The winding streets were narrow, and driving on the opposite side wasn’t as fun for me. I’m glad that he liked it, though. I didn’t have to worry about it.

Dingle Peninsula Road

We happened to be there on St. Patrick’s Day. That wasn’t intentional, as we don’t typically make a big deal about the holiday. If you didn’t already know or remember that St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th, you would not even know it was a holiday while there. There aren’t green clovers, beads, or signs all over town. There aren’t advertisements about green beer or bar specials. It was a typical day there.

That doesn’t surprise me at all. I have also been to Mexico twice during Cinco de Mayo, which happened unintentionally both times. Americans make a holiday out of everything. A lot of it probably has to do with our heavy marketing culture.

We didn’t travel there with children, but Ireland would be a doable and safe trip with kids. However, the cars are typically much smaller there, so I wouldn’t encourage driving all over the country if you have more than 4 in your family. You will have to investigate more extensive rental car options or other travel accommodations.

I don’t know that Ireland is my all-time favorite place, but it is high on the list. I would definitely recommend it to people considering making the trip.

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