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My Reel on Instagram Took Off!

Last night I completed an accidental experiment. I used Canva to create a quick video montage of our pets (four dogs and two guinea pigs). I decided to post it as a Reel on Instagram (which I usually don’t do). The description tells you that it can get more traffic as you select the reel option. So I figured, why not? I posted the first version and noticed it had two views almost instantly. Then I realized that I forgot to put in a photo of one of our guinea pigs. So I went back and edited it. By the time I was ready to pull the first video down, it had a couple of hundred views. I couldn’t believe it. So I left the original video there and just reposted the 2nd video. They both were racking up views.

I decided to go back to my Chance Tourist account and post my Senso-Ji Temple video as a Reel. I thought using Reels might be the thing I needed to drive traffic. But, it turns out that is only part of the story. It depends on what you post.

This morning I was excited to check my views:

Chance Tourist

- Senso-Ji Temple (22 views)

She Loves Home

- 1st video (3,017 views)

- 2nd video (3,021 views)

Cute animals were more interesting on Christmas than visiting a temple in Japan. I was stunned. I have never had that many views (and anyone with a big following is probably giggling and 3,000 views). So for me, this was a big deal.

Now I have to decide what to do from here. Do I keep focusing on pets and animals? I need to continue to experiment. However, I did make a YouTube Channel for She Loves Home. That will help me keep the home and pet-related videos separate from Chance Tourist.

When I listen to podcasts or YouTube videos about making money, they tell me to follow the money. What are people typing in their google search? Is there a lot of competition? That is valid, but you have to want to be interested in those topics. We will see where this all takes me. If nothing else, I have yet another social media channel to manage!

Here is my other Reel on my Chance Tourist Instagram account.

What topics have you found to be successful?

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