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Not just animals, Guinea Pigs are the way to go

Updated: Jan 8

I thought animal videos were the ticket in my quest to grow YouTube and Instagram traffic. It turns out it isn’t just animal videos that are popular. Guinea pig videos are popular (at least in my case thus far). So I posted some videos/reels on YouTube and Instagram of my smiling dog. In 14 hours on YouTube, my handsome dog only got four views. My guinea pig video is over 1,000 views. And my pet video (dogs and guinea pigs) are at 305 views.

I had similar results on Instagram. My dog has five views on reels, and the guinea pigs have over 9,000 combined.

This afternoon on my Chance Tourist account. I posted a video on Kilkenny, Ireland. So far, it has 13 views on Instagram Reels. On YouTube, it has two views in 4 hours. I will continue posting videos on all sites because I know that it takes time. However, I see that not all my videos are as popular as the guinea pigs!

I have learned some other tactics this week. I set up automated posts on Instagram and LinkedIn set up through Canva. That is an excellent way to work ahead and not worry about being busy on the upcoming national holidays.

Wix has something of an automated checklist. It encouraged me to verify my website with multiple search engines to help drive more traffic to my site. I am getting some daily traffic, but I could use more.

There is a lot more that I know I need to learn. I feel like I am drinking through a fire hose, and there is not enough time. I would not be as far along as I am if I hadn’t had some time off over the holidays. However, I know that I still have more to do. When I am cleaning or doing other tasks, I try to listen to YouTube videos related to blogging, traffic, Instagram, YouTube, etc. I do pick up some helpful tips here and there.

Tomorrow is my last day off before I go back to my regular schedule. Time off goes by so quickly. After that, it will be back to the daily balancing act.

Note: I do not have a paid sponsorship or business relationship with Canva or YouTube. I am simply sharing my experience as I begin to use the platforms.

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