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Preparing for the Storm

Main St. Beach / Vermilion River. Vermilion, Ohio.

Preparing for the storm. That can mean so many things. However, I spent a good portion of my day preparing for Winter Storm Landon. (If you didn’t already know that, winter storms also have names.) We are getting our buildings ready in case we can’t get back in for two days. They are calling for a foot of snow where I live – good times!

I am behind in my writing. We have had all sorts of things going on. First, another round of viruses went through the house. My husband has been working on our basement (I have been helping with some things here and there). Finally, my new job has kept me busy. I am trying to learn and get on board quickly while managing my current role.

I did get some posts up on Instagram and one video last week on YouTube. I posted another guinea pig video, and I only got four views this time. Since my previous guinea pig video, I haven’t figured out the right formula (which reached over 1,000 views). My thumbnail wasn’t as eye-catching, and I just updated the title. We will see if that changes anything. The tags in the video are pretty much the same, so I don’t think it has anything to do with the tags. That same video garnered 881 views on Instagram, though. Not too bad for a newbie.

Snow from Winter Storm Landon. February 2022.

A few days later

I went back and checked the guinea pig video after the name change. Updating the title didn’t change anything. I’ll have to keep trying.

We did get the big storm as expected. We got 12 inches of snow, and about 24 hours got another 2+ inches. It is pretty, but everything is buried outside. Hopefully, tomorrow we will finally go snow skiing. We have been planning on it all winter. But, first, it was too warm. Then, once it did get cold, we didn’t have any snow, or someone was sick.

My husband and I are going out to dinner with another couple who are good friends. I am looking forward to it. It is like our last hurrah because my husband is going back to flying again next weekend. I am happy for him, but I’ll also miss not having him home all the time. He has been home for two years, and we have gotten used to having him here all the time.

I hope you are having a warm, productive weekend. Enjoy it!

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