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Updated: Dec 13, 2021

The hardest part of starting something new is making it a habit. So, I plan to work on the blog in some form 4-5 days per week. I am starting on the right foot.

I completed my Upwork profile last night and submitted my first proposal. There are a lot of jobs listed on Upwork. My first proposal was not super intimidating; it was a cookbook review. The client was specifically looking for someone new to the platform. I used to blog about food and wine and have tons of cookbooks and cooking magazines. We have a big family, so I (we) cook a lot.

I ordered the cookbook as an eBook (the contract included the cost). The review is now done and submitted. We will see how the payment and return review process goes. Fingers crossed!

As for this website, I purchased a Wix Pro Plan. Tomorrow is Cyber Monday, and it didn't make sense not to do that. The Pro Plan was cheaper than the starter plan at 50% off the original price. I guess I decided to start at the right time!

I continue to work on the site layout, options, setting up email. It is fun and exciting. Now hopefully, people will read it! I have to say the possibilities on Wix are very user-friendly. I struggled using other platforms in the past.

When I published for the first time, I only posted one article. I want to have more material regularly before I start looking into advertising. It needs to add more meat to the site before people want to check in regularly.

There are tons of blogs now. Hopefully, mine will gain some traction. Now it is time to start thinking about my writing. Do I write about everything? Will people care? What do I define as everything? I have a lot that I could write about: blended families, parenting, 1st grandchild, working mom, getting back into health and fitness (that is a journey in and of itself), travel (people ask me for tips all the time), work? Well, we will see how that all goes.

Who do you follow online? Do you want to share any bloggers, podcasts, or YouTubers in the comments?

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