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He is smiling!

Exciting! I got my first unsolicited request to share a picture of my dogs in some dog gear. My blog started to grow when I did this in 2010-2011. However, this request came through Instagram. I told them I would look into it and get back to them this week.

Now I need to post some more videos and pictures. I have some scheduled, but I need to do more relevant photographs and videos. Everything I have planned so far is related to a holiday (and some silly holidays like Spaghetti Day). I managed to get one picture saved for Friday on my Instagram account related to travel.

I wish I had a lot more time at home! Although I am pretty happy because I came home and started working on this right away. I have started working on some videos as well. I am not satisfied with the first videos of Edgewater Park. I will have to keep working on it or do something different.

I am supposed to find out by the end of the week whether or not I got the new job. But, for some reason, I don’t feel like that will happen. That may be because I haven’t heard anything at all this week. It isn’t like me, but I am not stressing over it. I do think I will be disappointed if I don’t hear anything at all, though. So I guess we will see what happens tomorrow.

I have been listening to some podcasts during my commute about ways to continue reaching people interested in side hustles and following along with this journey. Hopefully, I have more to share soon.

In the meantime, I hope you have an excellent weekend.

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