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Videos, Editing, and Posting. Oh My!

Wow, this week has been hectic. I had two interviews this week. I think they both went well. The job that I am interviewing for is very different than my current role. I think that will be my biggest roadblock.

We have a cold making its way through our household. Of course, this would happen Christmas week. First, we had to cancel Thanksgiving with family due to colds. Now, we have to postpone Christmas with our extended family. I am now on day four but finally through the worst of it.

I have not written as much as I need to this week. I did, however, spend time on our legal postings and updating the website. While that is not very exciting, it is necessary. I am glad that I did spend time on that. I found an error with one of my links. Even when you think you have everything covered, you still see issues.

I have had a few interviews for the new role. I don't believe that will wrap up until the New Year. I am relatively relaxed, even though I am in a state of limbo. That usually stresses me out.

For a long time, I considered doing YouTube travel videos. I have shied away from it because I don't want to be on YouTube. However, some of my favorite videos don't have people in them at all. I also like tutorials that show the process but don't have voice-overs or anyone speaking on camera. I have had the free version of Canva for a while. The free version is an excellent way to start dabbling in quick travel videos. If nothing else, I will get some extra practice on setting them up. Canva is so user-friendly.

While using the Canva app, I noticed that they offer project management tools. I am considering getting an annual membership. It will help me with both My Side Hustle Journey and my real job. There are just so many great features. Now I have to look into the Pro version and see if I can do some of the following things:

· Can I change the background music in videos?

· I know that you get access to significantly more templates, but what else do you get with the Pro version?

If this can help me in all aspects of my professional life, it will be worth the annual price for sure.

If I get this new role, I will be taking over for someone that has done well in the position. Therefore, I will need to set myself apart. I reviewed the prior team member's PowerPoint presentations, and I think there is room for improvement. Canva might help me make an excellent first impression.

Note: I do not have a paid sponsorship or business relationship with Canva or YouTube. I am simply sharing my experience as I begin to use the platforms.

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