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What does Summer Mean to You

Eating Watermelon on the Beach

What makes you think of summer? I was looking through some images and many of the “summer” pictures that are available remind me of vacation pictures. Summer to me is swimming at a lake or river. Summer is working on and enjoying the produce from your garden. Summer can be a nice walk outside, a refreshing swim, a bike ride, or seeing flowers in full bloom and the warmth of the sun. And yes, eating a watermelon. Watermelon equals summer.

I have spent a lot of time working on my garden this summer. I water it almost every day. In addition, the compost I have been collecting for the past two summers is finally in the garden beds. Then, there is the apparent weeding and pruning that needs to occur. So far, we have had lettuce, kale, radishes, basil, sorrel, green onions, and chard. I have so many radishes that I pickled red onion and red radishes. They are excellent and I am looking forward to making more. The pea pods and zucchinis are just starting to grow. My tomatillo plants are more prominent than my tomato plants but I am most excited for tomatoes. I think I will have plenty of both. I saw our first jalapeno pop up yesterday. My companion flowers (marigolds, nasturtium, and alyssum) are starting to bloom. Next summer, I want to focus on the front yard gardens. I need to prune back some hostas. My husband hates the evergreens in the front yard. I like them so we will have to see what we want to do.

I live close to Lake Erie, so I enjoy all four seasons and possibly too much winter. I live for summer. Summer means the kids are out of school, we have more time to visit family, and we can do many things outside. We went kayaking last week for the first time this year. I love to kayak. It is peaceful, and I love being on the water. I always try to take the rivers up to Lake Erie. Unfortunately, the lake is usually too rough, so we have to turn back.

We took a road trip to Pennsylvania to visit family. We were able to do some hiking and go to a local pool. It was so lovely to spend time with family and do something fun. I have family coming to town this weekend. We will probably go to Cedar Point, the pool, and possibly kayaking. All of this depends on the weather, though.

I notice that I take a lot more pictures in the summer. My Instagram feeds have been doing better. So much so that I am getting more messages about representing some brands. I’ll share those when / if they happen. The messages reminded me of when I started as a blogger around 2010. Companies and people used to reach out to me for product reviews.

I am still working on my Redbubble portfolio. I have made some more cards. I continue to work on it in my ‘free time. So far, I only have two people following me, and still no sales. I don’t expect it to take off quickly, though.

I created 2 photo books in Canva for birthday gifts. I am excited to see how they turn out. If they are quality prints, I plan to make more as gifts. I like that software for both personal and business use.

Well, back to the evening watering. I hope you are staying cool and enjoying summer.

Note: I do not have a paid sponsorship or business relationship with Redbubble, Instagram, or Canva. I am simply sharing my experience as I use the platforms.

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